Sunday, May 01, 2005

COACHELLA 2005 Pics!!!!!!!!

The words I heard Keith Flint scream like a soroity girl drunk on Boone's Farm over and over again during the insanely awesome Prodigy set seemed to typify the sentiment of everyone at this year's Coachella arts & music festival. God, it was freakin' awesome!!! I won't even come close to describing the near spiritual experience myself and my friends had on this trip. Great friends, good conversation, kick ass had to be there.
I have attached as many pics as I could to encapsulate all of the fun I had. Unfortunately, my camera decided that it had enough by noon the second day and decided to pretend it's battery was dead (even though I charged it fully the night before). So sadly, no Tegan & Sara, Arcade Fire, New Order, NIN, The Faint or Prodigy photos, but they were all great and larger than life in my mind. The second day was by far my favorite. I will post another entry detailing the day's schedule. So until then, enjoy the eye candy. Click to enlarge each pic's deliciousness!

Coachella Bound! This is actually taken after all was said and done but with that being the case, look how awesome we still look! Thanks to Song airlines for making getting there and back half the fun. By the way, I would have won the trivia game coming back if those two Yuppies Greg and Jill hadn't been such tools.

Living in Florida, we were all amazed at the sight of mountains...with snow!

Yeah, it really sucked to have a concert here...God, it was beautiful there.

God smiling on us again....a mild 80 degrees all weekend

Bite The Hand That Feeds

Michael, Steph & Mike
We who are about to ROCK!
Thanks Christy for taking the photo. This was the first day of the festival, we had just parked and were jazzed about the upcoming day. forty five bands this day alone.

Nice horse ladies. They loved the Go Hogs!

Camping site. Where the real shit happens

I think I passed on the offer

Drink Tents Day 1. Drunks gotta have their hooch to enjoy the music. Alcohol wasn't allowed onto the field where the stages were. But apparently pot was.

In case we need to go backstage Christy is packin' the Menthos

Me and the Hussy Bear

Me and the Hussy Bear get hot. Breaking the fourth wall, the dude inside asked me to tie his shoe.

Jamie Cullum. Awesome set, would have loved for him to do his cover of Jeff Buckley's "Lover, You Should Have Come Over" though.

Rent a Cop

Did not


The Crowd is forming

The Baby. The next day during the NIN set, this baby had its face ripped off by giant robots.

Lucent Misting Oasis by The Do Lab. Smelled really good, like sandalwood but was way fucking hot inside.

Polo Field. Yes it was that beautiful and spacious all day and the grass covered everything and was soft.


My cute gal Steph with her new barretts.

Lovin' it!

Justin Long catching a little Snow Patrol

The Finger Band "V Hat"

"V-Hat" on the Coachella Stage, yep yep


Danny DeVito n' Me

Danny DeVito & Christy

Danny Devito getting ready to catch DJ Peretz

Dj Peretz (Perry Ferrell)

DJ Peretz (aka push the button, pretend to DJ and look cool)

Stereophonics on Mojave stage

Stereophonics on Mojave Stage

Purple Mike @ Stereophonics

MF Doom...mutherf****r's!

The Weez



Weezer had a great set with songs from the Blue Album, Maladroit, the Green Album and the new one Make Believe

Rivers my man

Bauhaus "Bela Lugosi is Dead" Peter Murphy started the set with this song and performed it hanging upside-down by his ankles like a bat. 80's goth is cool.



Tesla Coil. It is powered by babies

Tesla Coil

Tesla coil


Tent @ night

Gay Pride Palms?

more rainbow palms

The Lucent Misting Tent at night

Sahara Tent flowers. Amazing light show on the outside of the tent.

Sahara Tent (aka all the electronic acts)

at the Sahara Tent

Chemical Brothers @ Sahara Tent

Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers

The wave of humanity leaving Coachella Day 1

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