Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hanger Tulips

No Wire Hangers!

Are you are like me and visit the dry cleaners as much as you do the grocery store? If so, then you too have a plethora of useless wire hangers lying around ready to poke you in your Mommy Dearest complex. Also like me, you probably like to recycle these things instead of just throwing them out. Well I have a creative solution for you, especially if do your own rooftop or balcony gardening or just plain ol' have a fear of plants. Look and behold the hanger tulip!


Step #1 First, start out by taking your shirt off that crappy wire hanger and swap it out for a nice wooden one; your clothes deserve it.

Step #2 Next, grab both sides of the "shoulder" of the hanger and bend them down toward each other. This will make the shape of an upside-down "V."

Ummm, it should look like Eddie Van Halen's guitar at this point.

Step #3 Create the "petals" by taking the two ends of the hanger and bringing them up toward the "stem" by placing a crease in the middle of the hanger and folding the ends upward...

Step #3.5 ...Like so. See, the tulip starts to take on a 3-dimensional shape.

Step #4 Press and form the "petals" of the tulip together so that they will keep their form.

Step #5 Hook the "stem" of the tulip through the middle "petal" to keep the form together.

Voila! The beginning of your beautiful recycled "hanger tulip" garden.

For you!

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