Monday, May 02, 2005

The Puke Diaries

Don't ask me why (please please please don't) but during our Coachella trip, I felt that I needed to pretend to vomit on any random and obscure thing that I came across...of course, Mike, Steph, Christy and Kristin also made suggestions. It all started when we got to our hotel on Friday night (Saturday morning really) and I spotted this splattered puddle on the ground next to the car. Insanity shot to my brain and I asked Mike to take a photo of me standing over it which in turn would make it look like I had thrown up on it. Nice huh? Mike still has that pic and as soon as he shoots it my way, I'll post it but please enjoy my many shots of me puking on just about whatever I saw. I am sure that there are other photos floating around of me doing this, hopefully none were taking by festival-goers wondering WTF is up with that kid?!

Not the first puke pic, but the first one once we realized that we were geniuses! Note: this is the Free Mango container from my earlier post.

Oh, this is art? Excuse me.

I smell fritos! Oh look a flip-flop. Someone is going to have grocery store feet.

I just listened to Vagina Hat's new CD

My favorite. The ultimate in puke pics. We had become quite the master of the medium by this point. I call it, live like a rock star.

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