Monday, May 02, 2005

Day 3 of Coachella Weekend...L.A.

The freaky windmills

Look out for scorpions! V-hat album cover?


Filming location for "From Dusk 'Til Dawn"?

Mmmm...finger chili!

The Elliott Smith wall in Silverlake

Soul squat



On the Leno set

Mike sees the moon!

Ignore the signs on the couch!

Steph doing stand up
Michael, Mike, Stephanie, Renee, Christy, Kristen

Kevin Eubanks spot

Steph is in heaven

Jorge Garcia & the girls

Jorge Garcia, me & the island of LOST Burbank

On our way to stalk Conor Oberst (We found him!)

some guy

The Castaways in Burbank

The gang at Castaways, Burbank

Our pal Renee who makes anything possible

Me & Steph

A fortress from the living dead

Awesome company

Sharing a laugh

Did someone say child-bearing hips?

I said loins!

Kristin & Christy

Burbank Palms


Sadly, Every good thing must come to an end...until next year!

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