Wednesday, August 24, 2005

80's Nose Candy

What could be better than a 4th grade book report with a stinky sticker adorning the top left corner? How about a whole book full of stinky stickers! One of the BEST things about the Eighties was that everything smelled!!! Dolls, Erasers, pencils, it was everywhere! I was so proud of the sticker collection that I had amassed as a kid. I had puffy stickers, hologram stickers, and even the hideous clip art-looking stickers were cool but the best stickers of all were those little round scented disks that often heralded the sign of good work and hard studying. If you were cool, you had to have the ones scented like grass, cave, leather, skeleton or pizza. Below is my tribute to the little scratch n' sniff stickers that made our day...back in the day. Please don't damage your computer screens.



A little something to brighten your day!

- BetaMike


The Peach said...

The funny thing is...I wanted to scratch my screen when I saw the taco one!

TripAway2Day said...

Oh my! I actually REMEBER some of those!

If I only had my LEGOs...I'd be in pre-teen heaven all over again.

By the word is: iwqgle

James said...

OH MY GOSH! I remember these! Where did you find them? Can I order some? What ever happened to scratch & sniff stickers? I also love the "non-trademarked" brands given to the last batch of stickers: "Go-Play Yogurt", "Fruit Hoops", and my favorite "Life Flavers". Classic!

betamike said...

James, to answer your question I have several of these stickers in fine olfactory working order and I love them! I hardly ever threw anything out as a kid. Sadly though, to find any more of these gems (made by a company called Trend) you have to pay upwards of $3.00 PER STICKER (that's just for ONE of them) on ebay. Sad but true. Never knew what a goldmine you had as a kid did ya!


crit said...

i still have some too.

thanks for the blast from the past.