Friday, September 02, 2005

More stickers to warm your cockles

Want to trick out your trike and express yourself at the same time? With these stickers you'll be turning heads all day long, possibly in the wrong direction. For your amusement at the behest of this Blog's creator (talking in third person apparently) here are some ready-made stickers I've made just for you.

Two, two, TWO kinds of Bea 'cause you know you can never have too much of a good thing. Clearly the world would be a better place if Dorothy were running things and you have to love her campaign slogan "What a woman!" Next to Hillary, this is my choice for Mrs. President. Here you've got your Maude-era Bea Arthur (or classic Bea) which would look great on your, say, book-mobile. The other, which is my personal favorite, is Golden Girl Bea (aka sassy Bea) and would look great on your grocery-getter or...anything really!

I envisioned this one more of the stinky sticker kind. Ever since "Sauce!" or "That's Sauce!" threw that awful "That's Hot!" over the cliff as the leading catchprase among hip kids everywhere, I have always thought that there should be an image...and now a delicious scent to go behind it!

Catch a couple of waves and neon rays with this throwback to the bright, happy appeal of California in the 80's. Grab the sex wax and your jellies and hit the beach!

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