Sunday, April 17, 2005

Behold! Bitchsnackz of the Godz!

If you haven't seen Rap Snacks you are probably white...and missing out on one of the most fantastically preposterous oddities to come straight outta Compton. I want to give a holla to "The official snack of Hip Hop," Rap Snacks. Finally, Rap gets a flavor, which begs the question: Where the hell are Goth Snacks?! Each snack has a different flavor (mostly BBQ themed) along with a different Rap/R&B artist on the package. The snacks range from the intriguing "Magic Honeydew Cheese Curls" to the hilariously insane "Lil Romeo Bar-B-Quing with my Honey Flavored Chips." They go from your typical chip to popcorn to cheese puffs. Miss Toi, the token bitch, pushes chips that are "Sweetie" flavored. One can only presume that a majority of the population is missing out on this sweetie flavoring, but is so good they flavored a chip with it. The best part of these hard to get urban snacks is that each comes with a social message, for example: "Stay in School," "Reading is Fundamental" or my favorite, the white guilt "We've Come A Long Way." There is also "Start a Business" which isn't so much a social or moral message but possibly coded street talk for selling your own goods. Why buy from the man when you can be the man! There are eleven types of Rap Snacks in circulation, typically found at your local ghetto-mart, if you dare. Collect them all bitches!!!

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