Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sin City

Finished watching Sin City. Yeah I shoulda been there the day it came out but I'm not the avid movie buff I used to be...but this had pop culture written all over it. It was touched by the hand of Frank Miller himself for Chris'sake! Full of Hollywood cinemagic, but still just out of reach for the main stream movie snobs, I fell in love. I figured that this was going to be this decade's Pulp Fiction. Dove-tailed storyline, film noir, the feel of a pulp fiction novella (graphic novel no less), ultra violence and clever dialogue. Well, sort of. If the film has any shortcomings (which I am still willing to overlook) it is that the clever dialogue is just not meant to be spoken with real lips. The power of Frank's original series was shocking, renegade and pure. Our infatuation with instant indie films and over-hyped, pre-planned cult classics could very well be this films only it is pretty hyped and destined to become a cult classic, stopping short of stamping the word "Cult Classic" over the title. To love Frank's work is to love this film too as it is very faithful to the feel and heart of the original. The acting is hammy but precisely so. Every actor is a big name, but no one can steal the limelight because each character is so strong.

Overly hyped...maybe. Trys too hard to become cultish...for some. The anti-"Son of the Mask" bet. Violent and gritty but at the same time beautiful and pristine. Mickey Rourke makes Marv the most unusual protagonist to fall in love with ever. Similar to Pulp Fiction and John Travolta, this film is just what Rourke needed (as this also leads to another promising career rebuilder in "Domino"). Surprisingly, I find Elijah Wood's "Kevin" to be my favorite and anticipated character appearance of all...and he doesn't dissapoint. He's sleek, silent and slightly me! Go see it because it begs to be seen, if you want to see a true many fall short. Go see it because you're a dirty little F****R!

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