Monday, May 16, 2005

Gretta Cohn and her blog coming to a city near you!

Gretta Cohn. If anyone has led a more musically charmed life, I would be surprised. Okay, there are probably a few others actually, but I'm talking about being part of the Omaha Commune and having the privilege of being a part of three of the biggest bands from the clan...all while playing the cello. Unfair. Okay, just jealous.

Gretta is a very cool person who has added style and class to just about every endeavor that she has graced. She is the dark gravitas of Cursive, the period on the end of Bright Eyes' sentence, the maddening fury you hear uplifting The Faint's new album "Wet From Birth" and whilst both Bright Eyes and The Faint are on tour (she is supporting both bands), she is scribe to the blog that documents all the sordid details.

The fine folks at the Village Voice have enlisted Gretta's narration skills to detail every gig and truck stop visit while both bands explore the country in support of their latest tour. Called "The Bump in the Road,"
Gretta's Blog is as exciting as it is mundane, and that's pretty refreshing! It is nice to see a group of people who are purportedly so close as to the point of being inbred (musically speaking only of course) actually like each other. It is confirmation of a my musical wet find out that Utopia really does exist in Omaha, or at least on The Faint's bus!
So way to go Gretta, be the girl I can never be (oh, in so many ways)! Live and love your life with three great bands, three of my favorite bands...but don't let the boys underestimate your ability to snitch on who eats taquitos from the Flying J!

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