Thursday, May 12, 2005

Songs for Gay Dogs

The internet is a wonderful thing. Music is an even better thing and I would have to say the marriage of the two is the best thing since right and wrong. If it weren't for the internet, we would never have known about some of the greatest unheard of music out there:

Butt sniffin' music for the homo dog set! The companion piece to this is of course is Lesbian Cat music.

Like sitting for hours listening to Uncle Bud talk about his gout, but now anytime you want!
I am freakin' in love with this! It is exactly the cover I would use on my album. That is, if I were ever like, talented and had a band and stuff...or be clever enough to come up with something like a lady sitting at a typewriter. I wouldn't be surprised to find this gracing the cover of a Fountains of Wayne or Beck album.

Better than Music for Microwaving!

Clearly disturbing

Also disturbing is the fact that this was actually in circulation at one time. If you can't make love to this album, you just ain't alive. Sexxy!

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