Monday, June 13, 2005

Tie a Yellow Piece of Rubber 'Round Your Individuality

I have an opinion and it's probably not a very popular one so bear with me. Ahem, here we go: Please take off that ridiculous Live Strong bracelet and all of its replicant clones you have secreted about your wrist! You don't have to share in this sentiment but I just had to get it off my chest. Thank you.
It's a blessing that so many people have found Lance Armstrong's story so's not a medic alert bracelet and it won't save your life during an allergy induced seizure. So stop parading it around like it can't come off. The most frightening thing I saw the other day was a photo of a couple getting married and right there in front of God, everyone and the photo album that will last until their divorce was the groom with his little yellow band of hallelujah for all to see...for eteeeeernity!!!!

Let's face it, no one wears it for what it means anymore ( do). It is now an uncontrollable fashion trend that's way past its bedtime. Pet Rocks, tamagotchis, Ace of Base; we all did it once because everyone was doing it. Eventually you get bored with it and throw it in a box along with your friendship bracelet from summer camp 1984 and four dried up Grand Daddy Long Legs. I've always hated the "everyone's doing it" mentality anyway. It ends up cheaping the thing it is there to represent. I'm surprised babies don't pop out with one snapped to their wrist.
I'm really not a hater and I'm glad that so many are supporting such a noble cause, I'm not knocking that...but it is also sad that so many people wear it because it is the cool thing to do now and for no other reason. You know there are those and that is who this message is for. HIV & AIDS awareness is a crisis that needs promoting but why is it that the masses are not wearing red ribbons proudly for all to see? I'm guessing that it is probably because it's not in the fashion of a trendy rubber bracelet endorsed by a celebrity.


TripAway2Day said...

What's funny is, I wear one occasionally because I think it's stooopid.

I'm not above being a joiner, just to make myself laugh in my perverted head.

My favorite one is the pink Breast Cancer one.

However, the yellow Livestrong one seems to work better with most of my outfits! LOL!

Kelly Livingston said...

Oh Michael, you have put to screen the words that scroll through my mind everytime I see one of those bracelets--I was sure that I was alone in my dismay. I'm not articulate enough to communicate the bliss that I felt when I read the title of this posting and its subsequent argument for "enough already!" It was a dark day when I saw the "support our troops" bracelets for sale next to the cash register at 7-11, right along side of the "angel on my shoulder" pins. I love you and I am so happy that I have access to your brilliance once again.

TripAway2Day said...

Oh...Miss Livingston. How I miss thee and thy raspy laugh.

Did "the Hill" tell "the Livingston" that RENT is being made into a film that will be released to coincide with your birthday?

You can read some of my pointless life here:

Thanks, betaMike for allowing me to indulge insome self-promotion.

By the way, betaMike...have you seen John Waters' movie, "A Dirty Shame". If not, you must...Bears, Cubs, and Otters...oh my!

betamike said...

What up Kelly! You make me gush and blush. Self promote all you want Chris H!! You know, I am a huge fan of John Waters but I still haven't seen came out on DVD yesterday, I should grab it along with my Golden Girls 2. Props to Chris H and the lovely and sultry (if I can use a word) Kelly Livingston!

Brian said...

too freaking funny! Chris Haynes just told me to read your latest blog, and I'll be damned, we recently blogged about the same thing! That damn dreaded bracelet! Too much! I guess it truly has run its course.

Kelly L said...

...I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be considered lovely and sultry by someone so in tune with his senses (which is why your blog is so rich, I think!!) Thank you for being my imaginary boyfriend (she said with a smile). You are really something else and so is the experience of reading your Bea Arthur inspired prose. Big Love, Kelly (Hell YES!)

GreenLitLindy said...


One Jeff Lindberg sits on 52nd, between Lex and 3rd and types:


You ain't neva lied BetaMike!



Anna said...

Ugh in Japan I've seen the rubber bands sold with nothing on them at all. So ironic, I thought, though this is surely not unique to Japan, where no one would get the joke anyway.

betamike said...

True, we must all obey the wearing of the rubber band regardless of meaning. It truly is cross cultural. Although at this point it is frighteningly reminiscent of the Star Bellied Sneeches