Sunday, July 10, 2005

Black & White

Whether it's just all part of my obsession/fascination with synesthesia or not, I've been drawn to grayscale lately. Don't know why exactly. Here are a few great things that I have stumbled across that are (mostly) black and white....mostly.

As you may know, I am compelled to mention zombies every once in a while. With that motif due to cycle again, I must recommend Zombie Nation's The Cut. Spooky, noir and and white.

I think the name translates into Club Yogurt (I love yogurt) but artsy French site Club Yaourt makes it onto my black and white fascination list due to it's groovy and disturbing intro page. I don't know why it is so disturbing but it just is. I think it's because it is one half noise, one half man-in-"pig"-costume scene from the Shining.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMN...Oh!!!! We have needed for a long time the true story behind 90's Madchester one-hit wonders EMF and the boys at The Whitest Kids do a better imagining of it than the real band ever could. An underground sketch comedy group from NYC, they talk right to me and my "interesting" sense of humor. I especially love You can see me?!

I conclude with the amazing Yuri Lane. In my book he is the only human beatbox. Well, the only Jewish white boy human beatbox anyway. Seriously, I love human beatboxes, we need more of them. I hope you are as amazed at this shit as I am! O-O-OOO-Oy!

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