Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cure for the common cold

I'm feeling like pizzle today but I got some serious cheering up when my best buds Stephanie and Christy dropped by on their way to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." I miserably had to decline going with them but they also came bearing gifts, a little early birthday present('cause it's in September). Because best friends are like that, they intuitively knew that I had my eye on some of the great art over at Eye Noise, ESPECIALLY the truly brilliant Faint poster for the show I attended at The Social back in October. It's great to have friends like that...Thanks Steph and Christy! This is just what I needed to start feeling better so I can see the Weez on Tuesday!


stephanie said...

Hey Mike!

I hope you're feeling better! Glad you're digging the poster! "Neil, your loins are on fire!!"


crit said...

looking forward to seeing you tomorrow nite! i will bring extra tissues, should you need them. you know... tears for Rivers Cuomo...runny nose, etc.

love you!