Saturday, August 20, 2005

From the Heartland to the Sweatband

I'm baaaaack Y'all!

Back from the Natural State to the un-naturally HOT state of Central Easy Bake Oven where apparently nothing happened while I was gone. What's up with you all?! Why weren't you all out there working on the John Young interchange so I wouldn't have to deal with all that traffic when I came back...and why is there still no IKEA?! Wasn't that supposed to spring up while I was gone? Sigh....
I mean, I just got back from a place where they are still ooohing and aaaahing over pay-at-the-pump and yet I feel like I went backwards coming back here. Oh well, at least I am back where my cell phone has coverage (thanks for nothing Nextel). You would think that in Northwest Arkansas...the second largest growing area in the country...they'd put up a freakin cell tower or two! I got plenty of coverage in the California desert for the love of Little Debbie!

Speaking of cakey goodness, take a look at my trip in my Flickr photos. There is just so much to talk about but most of it speaks for itself. Don't worry, I'll blog about some of it this week so you don't have to do the math yourself. I know how you hate math. You can look at them here or just click on my zeitgeist icon to the left.

Talk to you all later! I'm easy like a Sunday morning.


crit said...

i just finished looking at your flickr pics. great! i felt as if i was enjoying every moment with you. :)

holy crap! no wonder you are terrified of "night of the living dead"! in the picture of the barn on the hill, i kept looking for zombies to be strolling over it!!!

The Peach said...

Your pictures are hilarious. I had no idea that's what Arkansas was like! Oh...and....was that what happened to Silver Dollar City? One used to be where Dolly Wood is today! If anyone is up for a trip to "Dolly"...LET ME KNOW!

betamike said...

Hells no! I have been to that one too but in the 80's it changed to Dollywood and is now the equivelant of a carnival. Branson has the original 1950's park that is steeped in history and tradition. Make nooooo mistake!