Saturday, August 27, 2005

Panther Slick

I came across this guy Panther kind of by accident but I can't seem to shake the need to pretty much stalk him now. Because I love you, I couldn't wait to share this magic with you which required me to scour the internet and find out everything I could about him. Let me tell 'ya, this was no easy task, the guy's name is Panther okay? Try that in a Google search. Apparently he is some kind of big secret from Portland but kicks ass because he is kind of a cross between Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl and Beck. If you could ever imagine that there could be such a fantastic combination, this is surely it. (Paying attention yet Steph?) I've only heard the one song listed on the Frykbeat site "You Don't Want Your Nails Done"...but I've been singing it for days! I've made a link for you to the Whitey Films site who produced his genius video. It's basically a guy living in his cardboard world rocking out until he sweats. I love the part when he grabs his cardboard cell phone and shouts "Motherf***ker!" like that's the way he answers the phone every day. HA! Panther you crazy man, you!

Anyway, I've put every link I could find on this guy here:

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