Saturday, September 24, 2005

Flea World

I'll be the first person to admit that my tastes are a little on, trashy side (but let's call it Kitsch for the record okay?). _As a part of our birthday jaunt, twin 0923'ers Johnny and Betamike decided to hop in the car and see where the day would take them. _Apparently to Sanford, for starters, and to Flea World - Land of Deep Fried Faux Gold Go Kart Magic Show Screenprinted Window Tinted Sword Emporium As Seen On TV fun!_ I love this place, if not for the people watching ...who am I kidding, certainly for the people watching!_ Sadly, what with the giant Dr. Pepper in one hand and that damn Blackberry in the other, I didn't get sufficient photo documentation that you - The Skinny Tie reader - are accustomed to. _Besides, after about an hour of endless neck craning and aisle wandering you begin to loose your sense of objectivity for the whole thing, the lines of tackiness are blurred just enough for it all to look...normal. _Fear not though, I smell a field trip!!!! _That and the faint scent of corn dogs.


The wall of shoes! Just sitting out in the middle of nowhere without a vendor in sight. _That's okay because apparently there are no pairs of shoes

Possibly the best sounding combination of anything on Earth! unless you consider the Taco Bell/Long John Silvers franchise.

Just one of the fabulous sights at Flea World!

4311 Orlando Ave. Sanford Florida 32773

Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9AM - 6 PM.

Fun World hours are Saturday and Sunday, 9AM -6PM.

Their Web Site

As a side note, I did venture to other worthwile places on my birthday...just so you don't think I'm a real freak!

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