Monday, October 31, 2005

A Skinny Tie Halloween Special Part 2

Nothing can sober you quicker than a trip through Baby Land. The fact that the area of Greenwood Cemetery is titled Baby Land belies that it is a cheery place but all I could feel was sorry and an eerie presence.

Of all the plots in Greenwood, this by far has the creepiest feeling to it. It is not so much the sadness of all the little lives cut short, although that plays a big part, but how the graves are represented that sends shivers up my spine.

Many people that tell stories of actual ghost sightings or supernatural episodes from Greenwood Cemetery tend to always have one thing common...where they were when it happened...


crit said...

f r e a k y !

fqklqqzt..... gesundheit!

TripAway2Day said...

We've gotta lure John Waters down here to see this.

Thanks for the cool freaky-deaky Halloween graveyard-palooza.

I've enjoyed it!

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