Friday, October 14, 2005

This Justin 2

A man after my own heart (there are many who try), Justin ... something-or-other at Justinspace is like Jem, he's truly truly truly outrageous! I cast my line out on the internet looking for ridiculous thing or another and I reeled in a pop culture whopper! This guy has done everything from designing theme park attractions to writing a book on obscene interiors, he pines for Japanese food items and obsesses about the abundant use of pink triangles at Walt Disney World. What's not to love!!!! He is like me but with a complete website, money and talent.
Below is an excerpt from his This Justin (which I have used as a title before but I swear I didn't know!). I found this entry to be extra hilarious as it involves someone I somewhat resemble, someone whose hair I used to resemble (in the 80's...shhh), and both someone's I have either had on VIP tour or actually met in person, although nothing like his encounter, but you gotta love a guy who handles it like this:
This isn't new news but: A long while back I was lounging in a private canopied bed-like thing at a bar in West Hollywood for a porn video awards party (you didn't miss anything). Seconds after my group left me for a pizza, actor/writer/media fixture, Alan Cumming and his friend of unknown relation, Chris, peeked under the curtain and asked if they could join me. I pretended I didn't know who Alan was and he pretended he hasn't himself. When I asked what he did he told some nonsense story about working at Crate and Barrel.
He was lying next to me swinging his knee back and forth hitting my leg. I scanned him from feet to face and commented on his bizarre combination of sandals, track pants, loose knit sweater, and a jacket that looked to be part of a school band uniform. I asked where his unusual accent came from. He avoided the question then slipped up while bitching about getting through the increased security at the Warner Brothers Studio. Chris elbowed him, "Not that you would know, Alan!" I played dumb. I leaned in and said, "You know Alan, I have to be honest, when you first peeked under the curtain I thought I recognized you and I was so excited. I thought, 'Oh my God,' it's Paul Rubens!" At that, Alan's face went crumpled the way Kermit the frog's does when he's angry. His friend Chris was laughing hysterically suggesting this was not the first time someone had mistaken Alan for Paul.

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TripAway2Day said...

Justin of justinspace is utterly cool. I was hooked on him after I viewed his brilliant Hurricane Charlie video last year.

I was devoted forever, once I saw some of his other video works, such as the one showing thoughts and opinions of preaching homeless types. Simply stirring and moving for the heart on every level.

vngjdo: Hitchcock's follow-up to 'Vertigo'.