Wednesday, October 12, 2005

TiVo for iTunes

So I had to upgrade to iTunes version 6.0 googolplex tonight just so I could download a song. This comes on the heels of my last public outcry no less than a month ago from upgrading to 5.stupid wherein all of my Purchased Music would not upload onto Marvin (um, that's what I call my iPod). Now it seems that besides a video interface for iTunes, you also have a seemingly pointless personal music advisor suggest what music you might be interested in.
Located on the iTunes main page Just for you [beta] (how could you not love something called beta) lists several albums you have bought and other albums "if you liked that" you might be interested in. Sound "Amazongly" familiar? The scary part is the fact that you are faced with some of your past indiscretions, complete with follow up suggestions!
iTunes: "I see you bought Annie: The Soundtrack. You might be interested in All Dogs Go To Heaven!"
Me: "Umm, I was in a really strange place then!!!!!"
In addition to albums you may be interested in, iTunes has put together a complete playlist based on....God, I don't know what!!! Here was my personalized playlist according to iTunes when I looked tonight:

1. Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat
2. I Want Someone Badly - Jeff Buckley
3. Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4. Changes - Yes
5. Toxic - Britney Spears what?!
6. Take Me To The Hospital - The Faint
7. I Want You Now - Depeche Mode
8. The End Of An Anchor - Dashboard Confessional
9. Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn
10. Savoy Truffle - They Might Be Giants
I am not sure why Bronski Beat is #1 on my list but I do like that song. Jeff Buckley respectfully comes in at #2, I think that only Stephanie would be able to top me by having her iTunes pick Jeff as #1 on her playlist. Okay, #3, fine. #4, Okay...not really sure why. #5.....what!!!! I honestly and truthfully have never owned anything by Britney nor have I purchased anything remotely bubble gummy from them! #6, THE FAINT!!! Hell yes, finally they step up to the plate and hit a homer! If they really knew me though it would have been higher on the list. #7 is ironic because all I have been doing lately is focusing on my Depeche Mode albums. So maybe there is something to that. #8...ummm, maybe four years ago or so, but not now. Pass! #9, another gay heritage song, strange. #10, The Giants. I have hands down more TMBG music than is humanly possible. In fact, I think about 10G of my 40G memory is taken by the boys from Brooklyn, but the fact that they come in last is baffling! Quite honestly, the entire playlist would make for one schizophrenic dance party.


James G. said...

This is interesting and a great conversation piece! Here's my listing:

1. "War In Me" Kenna
2. "Lose My Breath (Maurice's Nu Soul Mix) Destiny's Child
3. "There's Never Enough Time" The Postal Service
4. "Pon de Replay (Radio Edit) Rihanna
5. "It's Not Right but It's Okay (Thunderpuss Mix) Whitney Houston
6. "Just a Lil Bit" 50 Cent
7. "Like I Love You" Justin Timberlake
8. "You Showed Me" The Turtles
9. "Heat Miser" Massive Attack
10. "Jerk It Out" Caesars

They've got me pegged with Kenna, The Postal Service and Massive Attack but Destiny's Child? 50 Cent?? Whitney Houston??? Also, where the frick did The Turtles come from! Neat concept but could use some tweaking.

iTune's TV episode downloads is a nice start. It will be awesome if they acquire old episodes of our favorite 80s TV shows but for now I'll stick to downloading torrents, and $1.99 for a music video is a bit high.

betamike said...

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