Sunday, November 06, 2005


Besides sounding like every Friday night at my house, Flashlight Party are another great local band worth checking out. And as luck would have it, your moment is at hand.
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What does Flashlight Party really sound like? Like a party of course, a big dreamy electronic neon infused party!
"Flashlight Party is Jacob Graham(Synthesizers), Caleb Graham (Drums) and Justin Berlin(Guitars). They met at a recording arts school in the begining of 2005 and began playing music together after discovering mutual interests in electronics and the Red Baron. Drawing from influences such as Soviet and Ochestral Manuvers in the Dark, they started writing and recording songs that summer when Jacob began building a modular synthesizer in his bedroom."
Okay, but what you really need to know is that they sound great and you know how Betamike likes him some synth love.

Monday, November 14th
@ Back Booth
37 west pine street, Orlando, FL 32801
Cost: $7
Event starts at 5pm
Flashlight Party goes on at 7:40pm
Check them out Online:

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