Thursday, February 16, 2006

Idol Watch in Gravette!

Gravette has hit the big time!
People are pouring in from all over the the countryside (literally) to visit my sleepy little home town. At first I thought it was to pay homage to the many greats that have hailed from there such as Field Kindley or yours truly; you know, sort of like visiting the birthplace of Walt Disney.... yeah... sigh... but, hey! I wasn't totally wrong! Turns out that Gravette has now become the center of activity for Idolites everywhere thanks to yet another very talented native son - Patrick Hall - who everyone is cheering for on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the Towne Centre (that's a fancy spelling for "gathering place"). Of course it is great to see my little home town get some exposure, I assume some of the folks coming into town for this event have never even been there before. And as Patrick gains more popularity and people see what a talented artist he is, they may just need to put that stop light put back in!
My mom sent me this flyer advertising the Idol watch parties.

Patrick Hall Website
P.S., if you are stopping by Gravette for a lookie-loo, other points of interest are: Gravette High School where my class wrote their names in cement "class of '91 rocks!," the strip of highway by the cemetery where I broke my jaw when I fell off of my bike (ironically coming home from swim practice with Patrick Hall), Marvin's IGA where I carried out groceries for many a nice folk, Austin Drug where I was a soda jerk (shut up!), and Care and Share where I got over half of my wardrobe! If you need any directions, or my signed autograph, just stop by Shelter Insurance on Main Street and talk to Bob or Sandy, they'll hook 'ya up!

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