Thursday, March 30, 2006

Streaming video is like brooking video

You've probably seen the following three video clips once or twice before (they are in heavy rotation on the innernet) but worth viewing if you haven't. Please do not attempt to play all three at once as:
#1) It is the equivelant of activating 100 of those annoying "talking" magnets all at once.

#2) They are all YouTube which means each one will take you a full hour to watch anyway. At that rate, you've just wasted the good years of your life! And your soup will be cold!!!

The Emo Song

Not feeling particularly particularly well today? Congratulations! There is an eHarmony just for you! We all know that being "emo" is just about as relevant as being "alternative." Being emo is like being Jokey Smurf but...darker and less funny. Not sure I support all of the sentiments here but an interesting try by what appears to be some frat guys with an almost funny sense of humor.


The MySpace Movie

Explore the dangers of Myspace dating. Humorous because its true. I of course only use MySpace to listen to cool music although I too have a picture of my boobs on my profile. The first scene says it all about today's MySpace Youth


The MySpace Movie Scene 3: Your Top 8

Just in case you can't make it through the entire MySpace Movie, here is Scene 3 which details the social quicksand of trying to manage your Top 8. I'm sad to actually know what this even means.....Biscuits!

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