Monday, May 29, 2006

Imoges Paint A Thousand Memories

Finally freed of the American Idol monkey on my back, I am about to dig into my past and relish a moment had with the Skinny Kidz a few weeks ago when floral-scented Imogen Heap descended on Vacationland and we all decided to play hookie.

Thank God for Park Ave CD's. A little haven of honest coolness in this "new plastic smell" town. They hosted an truly amazing free in-store performance for all the rabid Immi fans in town to show their appreciation to both great music and patrons who shop indie. Amazingly we got right up front by Imogen's keyboard/vox/whisper/beatbox/cymbal set-up. In the "Various Artists" and "Experimental Music" aisle! Just one of many photos I took of her set. Did I mention we were incredibly freakin' close?! I don't know why I take 30 shots of the same thing, I think I was so caught up in her performance I was subconsciously thinking that I was going to be able to capture every note. Also, I may have just wanted to get the Power Book in the shot. You can catch more of these photos over on my Flickr site.

Organic and Electronic. The beauty of Imogen Heap is that she is so flowery and organic but at the same time very structured and electronic. Well, I suppose "electronic" is obvious and merely a vessel to convey her thoughts and emotions. She could be just as effective using nothing but an acoustic guitar and hand claps...but I am glad she doesn't.

Poo to my camera! I wanted a nice shot of the great magenta fishnets that she was wearing (since I was this close, why not!). Crappy camera + me not opting to use the flash x trying to dodge the aggressive photo guy who plopped himself down in front of us = no clear shot of fishnets. She made them look not trashy.

Friends! Christy and Devan get into "Headlock."

Friends! part 2. Ohmygosh! We were all so excited not only to see Imogen Heap but to watch the look of elation on James's face as he finally got to see her perform. His day of stalking had just begun! Stephanie and Mike look on.

A little video happiness from Imogen Heap with cameos by the Skinny Kidz. From the Park Ave CD's in-store performance on May 16, 2006. You can check out my vids from this performance over on You Tube. Or you can find them through Park Ave's newsletter link to their top You Tube vids. Cool!

Stephanie gets her hard-to-get poster signed with hearts and arrows and such pretty things by Imogen Heap who was looking remarkably like Robert Smith at this particular moment. Look at the lovely array of Sharpie colors Immi has to work with. She comes prepared!

I SWEAR TO GOD! I left very delighted. This is how we found the IHOP marquee. Since a month ago at Coachella, we have been thinking about nothing but stuffed french toast and dammit, we were about to get some! Maybe "get some" at this particular IHOP is a little inappropriate.

Behold muthafuckers!

Excuse me...waitress, I don't particularly like the way my meat is laying between my two eggs!

Squatting in Mike B's downtown DJ booth/office/inner sanctum. This is where cookies are made! Delicious gin-soaked cookies!

Say Goodnight and Go
The night's main event. Imogen Heap performing at The Social, downtown Orlando.

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