Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Down Home

So I'm off to Northwest Arkansas for my annual trip back home. Things have certainly progressed since my visit last year. For starters, my phone actually works! Other than that, there's the faint hint of WiFi every once in a while and one or two more emo kids than normal with their last year's AFI shirts and country drawls. NWA, she is a-changin' - but at least I knew her when she was in braces vying for prom queen.


Dar3555 said...

Hey, if you are home (Gravette) this weekend, check out the Tontitown Grape Festival. Your fave AI contestant Patrick Hall will be singin Sat. night and also another Gravitian who has made it big, Jeff Carson.

betamike said...

Hey Dar, you going to be there? I'm going to be Gravette Day'd out and have my class reunion that night.

Dar3555 said...

NO, I won't be there. I am in Conway and will be going to see Patrick tonight at the Fox MY TV network party in Little Rock. He is opening for Don McClean, so it will be a double treat for me.