Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Hey! It's September! It's actually been September for about a week now but I've been in such a Venture Brothers/Project Runway malaise that I haven't quite been able to get around to celebrating the fact yet.
So, September....the weather turns .5 degrees cooler, the leaves turn a lighter shade of green, I get to celebrate my birthday and.....someone in A&R thinks that Florida kids are the coolest!
This September is shaping up to be a really great concert month. Of course, being strapped on cash and not being able to ask for concert tickets for your birthday has put a bit of a hamper on some of the festivities, but here's a line up of what's coming to town...some of which I will have the pleasure of Skinny Tie-ing about.

My Birthday Week:
September 20th - Now It's Overhead in-store @ Park Ave.
September 20th - Art Brut and We Are Scientists @ The Social
September 21st - Ladytron with Cansei Ser Sexy @ The Club at Firestone
September 22nd - Nouvelle Vague @ The Social (tenative)
September 23rd - God out did himself and I gotta rest after all this too.

Best of the Rest:
September 29th
- Electric Six @ The Social (tenative)
October 1st - Brazillian Girls (tenative)
October 17th - Pet Shop Boys
November 11th - Bang Music Festival, Miami

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