Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cute as Hell Week!

It's the start of a whole new year and I'm feelin' fuzzy! It all started this Christmas when my Grandma made me the coolest iPod case I've ever seen. Modeled after the cute crocheted bunny you see to the left, mine is a nice cinnamon brown color. The fact the it's handmade makes it all the better and I consider it one of my favorite Christmas gifts. This low tech iYarn cutie reminds me of the year that I asked for a Cabbage Patch Kid and got one...only it was made from a do-it-yourself kit that my Grandma had pain-stakingly put together. I called him Webster because he was...sort I still haven't named my iPod bunny case.
Not that it's important or that anyone ever notices but I have the superhuman gift of being on the cutting edge of pop culture, but my powers are limited and therefore useless because I rarely know it. However, teaming up with the almighty internet, I have found a rip in the self awareness time-space continuum so let me lay this shinola on 'ya...

Cute is IN!!!
You are now entering the safety scissors zone! Cute case #1:
Almost good enough to eat!
Sprinkle cupcakes from Pixel Girl are the new chipotle...or wasabi. From their mention in Adam Samburg and Chris Parnell's "Lazy Sunday" to the ever trendy, Sprinkles cupcakes. These won't put on any extra pounds and certainly won't get all dry and crusty like yo mama!
Have you ever heard of a Bento Box? How about Botox?
How about just a regular box?

Bento Boxes are all the rage in Japan, just another reason that they are better than us. They make food that we as kids would never have given a second glance at, much less eat and wait for a second viewing a few days later. This makes the anticipation almost too much fun...and cute!
Pixel Girl does it again with this amazing (however useless) cinnamon bun made from fabric and felt. Want even more fun? Try to pass him off as a sugar-drizzled pile of poo with eyes!
! is the new blog. Flickr member Shi knows how I like my cheesecake. With huge glassy eyes and a smile on its precious little cheesy face!
Also, check out the rest of the growing underground FELT ARMY!!!
Sadly I only have this image to remind me of one fanatical They Might Be Giants listener's creative use of free time. I would loved to have snagged me up some finger John's but alas my hastiness to clean up my saved links in "Favorites" flushed this link back to Flushing.

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