Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fun at Publix

I love Publix
I also love the blend of hilarity and radiant pop culture you encounter each time you set foot inside the doors of these mint green and white consumer churches. It's amazing what you can find if you just look. Case in point, in a mere 10 minute visit:
Unruly Shopping Cart Gang outside Publix
Goodness, one can't even go to the store now-a-days without being harassed by today's disaffected shopping carts.
Welcome to Publix Bitch!
Buy one, Get one free...if the oldsters can reach 'em!
Doc Faux Hawk
Would you entrust your health care to this punk? Or stop at a Supermarket for it?
Rachael "Chicken in a Biskit" Ray
Seriously? The 6th sign of the Apocolypse.
Chocolate Mouth Rape
The roof of your mouth says no but your tongue says "yes!"
Girl Scout Ice Cream!
Samoas no less!
!American Idol Ice Cream!...
!...Tastes like the Fantasia Barino story

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crit said...

i love me some publix!