Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hershey's Neopolitan Kisses

I am beginning to develop a respect for Hershey's in the same way I respond to say...Mr. Alan Cumming or Mr. Johnny Depp's eclectic theatrical choices. Case in point, their never ending array of limited edition flavors that make you say "Wow!" and "WTF!" at the same time.
Apparently 100 years is cause enough for the confectioners to go all out and give back a little to the people with an amazing array of limited flavors that range from the tasty (dark chocolate cherry cordial and cappuccino) to the absolutely mystifying (breast cancer awareness pink chocolate).
On a recent Claritin and Fish Oil (idea for new flavor?) trip to my neighborhood Walgreen's, I noticed their newest endeavor: Neopolitan

The flavor is surprisingly ice cream-like...or I should say ice cream-esque as I'm partial to that suffix. A nice aroma and a luscious strawberry taste that will make you think you are in the trendy, gay part of Candyland. Pop these babies in the freezer and you're golden.


cybele said...

I saw your photo pop up on Flickr and was fascinated with the cute new Kisses.

I was always the kid who liked to separate my neopolitan though. It would be kinda hard to do that with the Kisses by the look of it. (Or maybe I could develop some new strategy for nibbling them apart.)

betamike said...

Hello Flickr friend! Yeah, the Strawberry 9 out of 10 times seems to take over this new kiss and the chocolate is left wondering where the party is.