Sunday, May 20, 2007

¿Dónde está Betamike?

Seré fuera del país en aventuras por el viaje de Disney a España del de mayo 20 al de mayo 30. Apesadumbrado para el silencio largo pero usted se utilizan probablemente a eso ahora. ¡Me pondré al día cuando consigo detrás!

- Betamike

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Anonymous said...

Here is what your boys over at BabelFish translated for me:

"...I will be outside the country in adventures by the trip from Disney to Spain of the one of May 20 to the one of May 30. Grieved for long silence but you they are probably used to that now. I will bring up to date myself when with himself behind!..."

My goodness, your English is bad - sounds more like Engrish, or like that poorly written letter from the storage place.