Friday, June 29, 2007

Beta Spin

About a month ago, I got the most unusual email nestled in between the chain letters that my mom forwards me and those pesky chain letters that John Kerry forwards me (it's over John!). It was from a nice man at Spin magazine asking if he could use one of the pictures that I took at Coachella this year in Spin Magazine.
True to his word, this week saw my first ever photo published in a magazine with a larger subscription base than say, Cat Fancy. Thanks Spin for making me happy about the Teddybears all over again. Does this count towards me getting a press pass for next year?


The money shot.

I had never been front row for a show in my life until Teddybears. Pick up the June 26th issue of Spin and look for me on page 24!


stephanie said...

You're a punk rocker, yes you are! Congrats!

Gashapon said...

Congrats! That's fantastic news...hopefully you can share that press pass. I want to hang out with Paris.

Anonymous said...

you rock, beta!

this means that we're all cooler now because we know you.

snaps for you!!