Sunday, October 21, 2007

Green Blogging

Before we all get taxed for the privilege of using the internet (oh you better believe it's coming), we might as well take comfort that in the last breaths of this free trade environment, there are those that are trying to make a difference. Sure the internet is for pr0n, but the people from These Come From Trees are more for making it a little more conscious. Part grass roots campaign, part street team, the hope is that stickers like these will appear across the nation reminding everyone that essentially everything (except the internet) comes from trees. Think about it before you clean up that sticky mess with the mangled appendage from a live oak.
I freaking love the color black. I used to despise it but then, somewhere in the hazy malaise of art school, I learned that black is the presence of all color. It tripped me out and I've loved it ever since. This was of course before emo made it cool for other reasons. While you are looking up that neat little factoid I just told you about, consider searching for it on Blackle. The principle behind Blackle is based on the fact that the display of different colors consumes different amounts of energy on computer monitors. The creators of Blackle cite the US Dept. of Energy's Energy Star information page which states that a monitor displaying white uses 74 watts, while a monitor displaying black uses 59 watts. They also cite a 2002 study from Roberson, who tested a variety of CRT and LCD monitors and found that an all black screen consumed less energy than an all white screen on all of them.

The creators of Blackle state that the idea behind the site came from a blog, which estimated that a black Google would save 750 Megawatt-hours a year. On the Blackle homepage, the creators of Blackle provide a count of the number of watt-hours that they claim the users of Blackle have collectively saved.

Of course, I lifted all of this nifty information off of Blackle's Wiki page...which coincidentally is...white.
Going green sometimes conjures up an image of a rash-inducing crunchy cardboard future. However, the folks over at Haute Nature are inspiring us by showcasing creative ideas, art & green products for children, home and lifestyle...blending style with sustainability. Take these amazing recycled Coke can Manolo Blahniks. Form over function or just responsible dressing? You decide.


stephanie said...

Awesome post!!! I've been more environmentally conscious recently than I've been since 1990! Green is the new black, they say.

BetaMike said...

Thank you! I am too! I am replacing all of my household items with Seventh Generation brand products and living under the 78 degrees principle in thermostat land. I've been trying to stop using bottled water as well but that's more of an uphill battle.