Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Technology Is Cheap...And So Is Graffiti

I mean no ill will to those who grew up plastering their notebooks with stickers and writing their name in "dot letters," but there's a time a place for such cutesy dribble...Flickr and the social media world is not one of them.
Just when I feel like the love affair is back on for social networking and blogging sites (after a particularly ugly divorce from my ex-wife MySpace), along comes drivel like this popping up like a zit on my Flickr account .

While I respect your savvy use of copy and paste, please do not EVER comment on my photos with something as horrid as this. Las Vegas is 2,400 miles from here, keep the glitz on the strip please.
(Okay, the little bee is pretty damn cute)

1 comment:

Gashapon said...'s a bee...with flowers...and he's smiling! It's like a genital wart in the shape of a heart.