Sunday, October 19, 2008

Winter of the Witch

Last night was the great Coachie Pumpkin carving event at Kreepy Kelis' house. I carved mine to make a permanent carousel face of course.
Later, we feasted on roasted pumpkin seeds that the gourds willfully gave up, Frankenberry treats, Milky Way cake, cupcakes and candy corn soda...all before settling in to watch the horribly fabulous Paul Lynde Halloween Special and something from Kelis' grade school years called "The Winter of the Witch." The latter is supplied here in its entirety for you to marvel at.


Kelis said...

WOW---in perfect condition, red effects like the one I own.. The fact that I loved this movie so much is revealed in the witch's statement to Nicky "They aren't just pancakes, they are the permanent solution to the unhappiness problem" Precursor to my teenage drinking and drug problem!!!

Beta Mike said...

TV will rot your mind! Hahaha. Actually, I think this copy jumps at the beginning more than yours though.

Gashapon said...

This could have saved Kelis $30 - plus there's no witchy period scene.