Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Two Reasons To Smile This Year

Keep Thee Quiet!!!


christy said...

ok. i might agree with the gal on the left, but sarah palin? come on... you are better than that!

what happened yesterday was an absolute victory for america. to me, as someone who didn't "vote for change", i can still appreciate the significance in the history that was made. as all americans should, we should rally together and support the new president. i am going to give obama a chance to prove me wrong and to earn my vote for a second term.

like palin or not, she is a woman of absolute courage. it couldn't have been easy for her, being the only woman in that position (since ferraro) and standing there day after day being smeared on everything from the cost of fashion (because that was oh so important) to her family. even you have to give that woman just a shred of credit.

btw, i like the mickey graphic on the next post up. very cool.

Beta Mike said...

I truly appreciate your comment Crit. But while I can appreciate the fact that Sarah Palin has given hope for women as much as Barack has given hope for African Americans, I cannot appreciate anyone who"tolerates" gays, would openly ravage our environment, and fervently stir the pot of negativity that the Republican party so handily brewed this election season.

Does she have courage? Yes. So does Hilary Clinton. Is she a great mother to her children? Most likely so. But I do not have to give her credit beyond that. She won't get credit from me for being on the world stage when she was given this opportunity not for her experience, but for her gender. That gains my empathy...not my respect. I feel sorry for her.

However, this post was actually about her negativity, condescending tone and nasally hyper-whine more than anything else. And yes, I guess that I am so superficial as to be annoyed by something as trivial as that (forget the designer clothes) :-)

But I appreciate your ability to reach out and let me know your thoughts on this. It's because of your ability to articulate your beliefs (and super sassy style), that I love you so much! Thanks for the like on the Mickey logo!!

christy said...

and i appreciate that you stated your opinion in such a thoughtful way. though i disagree (obviously) with what you said, you never come off as condescending..but instead speak from your heart.

that's what is so great about america... we don't HAVE to agree on everything.

ily, beta.

Beta Mike said...

Agreed!! I hope that I get to see you soooooon!