Thursday, March 24, 2005

Little Miss Mess

Love will lead you back y’all. It does every single Tuesday, Wednesday and now Thursday night. I give props for those of you that stuck it out in the time machine on Wednesday night. MAD props. Me? I made my decision and I was stickin’ with it. So what if they gave out the wrong numbers. Was watching it all over again going to change my mind or anyone elses? If you watched tonight’s episode, I think you will find the answer to that question to be Nooooo. I can’t imagine the faces of all the giddy ticket holders as they were ushered into CBS Television City Studios hoping to see our kids do their rah-rah group sing-a-long; then be told that they were there instead to watch the giant video belt buckle display the same show that they watched the night before. I equate this to accidentally overselling the Tough to be a Bug show and then asking the nice people who waited in our pre-show to please step back into the Lobby and listen to another rousing rendition of “Auntie.”

Who knew that Fox needed a strong lead in for that awful looking “Life On A Stick” series premiere. Isn’t it funny how that worked out! Down to business

Seacrest greets us from his usual stump explaining how they jacked everything up. Even though I really didn’t hear the word’s “I’m Sorry” you just know that Ryan is. Seacrest has taken my advice on wearing a jacket. As we head off to the intro, Ryan gasps “Let cutting continues” Ewww. (Picture A.I. intro music coming in here)
Tuesday night was apparently a historic night. How so? Let Seacrest recount to you: Vonzell showed what she can do. This was the first time BoBice! went unplugged. Nikko seduced Paula with style…this last one I have a problem digesting as a historic “first” but you gotta throw the guy a bone I guess. Nikko gets mentioned!!!! There’s the first.

In the Crowd, a sign that reads “Don’t Fire the Phone #’s Guy.” Answer: “Thank you, thank you, we’ll not take that into consideration” (sincerely, Nigel Lithgow)

Seacrest asks us if anything changed. Before we can get to that, it’s time for the Triple

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