Saturday, April 02, 2005

Time Change

The Pope has just died. I'm not Catholic although raised in the church. I know this is a major thing for a lot of people. I couldn't help think however about a few random odd things today in regards to his passing...none of it as profound as "he's dead!" though.

#1 - Does the movie "The Pope Must Diet" seem silly or inappropriate right now? I also remember the debacle involving the orignal title being "The Pope Must Die." That movie was one that I watched over and over in college because I was such an Anglophile. Looking back, it is probably the English equivalant of a C Movie in America like "Blame It On The BellBoy"...same time period too.

#2 - This was the same Pope all throughout my childhood. I don't know of anything but statues or recognizable buildings that has stayed the same since I was a kid that had such a prominent place in society.

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