Monday, May 30, 2005

Blue Monday

The air is still around the lake by my house in downtown Orlando. I am overcome by the intense amount of blue everywhere tonight. It's in the sky, a deep solemn blue. The feeling it gives you is that you will be sucked up right from the pavement, like you have a string tied around your waist. It is in the day's last light reflecting off the lake. The ripples are more like patterns; lines across it's broad surface just a deeper hue of the same tone. There is a house I pass by though bright and yellow inside, has decorative lights down the sidewalk revealing an icy cool glow. Blue is even captured in the sidewalk. Normally patches of alternating toupe and off-white from the years of patchwork, the pavement around the lake stretches before me like a pale blue carpet showing me the way home.

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