Wednesday, June 01, 2005

6 CD Changer Salute

Like spinach, music is good for you. While chomping on some leafy greens the other day, assuring myself that I was taking in the recommended daily allowance, I started to think: What about my freakin' ears? Every part of my body gets a carefully orchestrated tune up but my ears just kind of sit there, all flabby and morose. And my ears are huge. Remedy: Give 'em the 6 CD Changer Salute. I figured that I got six slots and some amps in my trunk, why not get a sonic workout. Or if you have your iPod inserted intravenously, your six album On-The-Go playlist. Here's my routine picked from the six best CD's of all time (or what I'm really into right now). Do your ears a favor and listen to these six albums ASAP!! Wha? Huh?
The Faint - Wet From Birth
Smack your ass to this!!! This is the best band ever!!! I'm doing a bit of a mind "F" with you here because I normally have all six slots filled with The Faints' albums but you don't ride so you don't know. This is a real progression for the boys from Omaha, deeper darker and more mature.
The Postal Service - Give Up
You know when you bring a glass of Sprite up to your nose and all the little effervescent bubbles give your nostrils a little how ya doin'? It's kind of like that but with crisp beats.
Beck - Guero
One of the best things I've put in my CD player. After I did, it returned the favor with a lottery ticket worth $5 and a pack of Bubble Yum...grape flavor!
The Arcade Fire - Funeral
Textured and grandoise, I like to pretend I understand what it's all about. It makes me the most smartest person. Yeah! They also put on a kick ass show, my opinion of them is forever changed after seeing them tear it up at Coachella. Of course I don't mean no disrespect to The Faint. I still love 'ya boys.
Wolf Eyes - Burned Mind
This music will make you want to die. Shove a nail file in your left eye, rub a cheese grater on your face, apply Icy Hot to it, then die. It's kind of like that, but really really good. Let's just say that I have an "eclectic" taste in music.
TV On The Radio - Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
After a round of Wolf Eyes if you still have any cilia left in your ears, this will feel like a cool breeze blowing across your hoo hoo.

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