Friday, June 03, 2005

Faint ALIVE! I heart you!

Last night...was it a dream? It has been building for so long inside

As the lights dim I feel like exploding/The time is finally here/I love them so much/I feel like I know them/brothers/It's like a dream/I shared a wonderful evening of great music with even greater friends/I was sharp in amorous bauhaus fashion/acting indifferent at the merch booth putting on makeup/Thank you to the table behind me for not laughing at my constant Clark Baechle impersonations/My body does it on its own I just do what it says

Joel Peterson and Jacob Thiele stole my heart again last night...

Dapose made everything so righteous/I want to snap my fingers so elegantly like him all day long

It is so much better to share this dream with friends who let you dance like a crazy boy all night long without saying a word/Serenading the crowd like Todd Fink/Decked out like a Nagel painting in my black shirt and skinny tie/Just let the poison spill/My Agenda Suicide/Stephanie, Christy, James/My friends/I heart them all so much


John said...

That concert was amazing...after missing both bands the last few times they'd been in Orlando, I was falling over myself when I finally got to see them.

Conor was good, but The Faint were perfect. They made me wet (from birth).

betamike said...

Ha! Best use of a Faint It's hard not to make one every 5 minutes with me. Yes, amazing show and they just keep getting better each time. Unless they toured before the No Doubt show in 2003(?) I've gone to every show's MUCH better at smaller places but, sigh...never again I'm afraid. The bandwagon has finally arrived and it has a bajillion seats on it!