Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pop-Tarts and Zora Andrich

Is Zora Andrich just about the most annoying thing on TV right now? That NutriSystem commercial featuring Zora and her strange slack jaw is so creepy it gives me the gout. All I get out of it is that she was a Reality TV Star (because they have to explain who she is) and that any diet that lets her eat chocolate is a diet for her. RUN!

I love Pop Tarts, any diet that lets me eat Pop-Tarts is the diet for me! They come in so many different flavors which tast surprisingly nothing like the thing they are to represent and you just gotta love the anti-nutrition of it all. They are the ultimate in "POP" culture. Some brilliant guy at You're the Man Now Dog actually read the back of the box and tried to follow its instructions. So funny you'll be shooting S'mores flavor out your nose!

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