Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thoughts and Shout Outs

Do you know how neat it is to read about someone's life day after day and then see the person "in person" only to talk to them about something completely different? It's kind of empowering to do so, as if you don't have to talk about what you've read but just choose not to. I should first make the statement that I love seeing my friend Jeff Lindberg every day at work. He truly produces radiant sunbeams wherever he goes (all true). I also love our secret language of Blogging that goes way over the heads of most folks in our presence, however rude it may seem to them at the time. It's not like we need something in common to (if I may use a greenlit word) bolster our friendship, but as it stands it is nice to secretly wink at the fact that we both know what is going on in each other's world and then it is back to Disney nomenclature. Something everyone at the table can understand. So here's to you Lindy and your salvation from stinky 10 day work weeks.

I also want to wish my cousin Jeff Kelley a very belated happy birthday. I have been blessed with a wonderful, close-knit family and the six cousins (myself, my sister and four cousins) all grew up more as friends than family. I love them all dearly but Jeff and I always clicked and I think we even had a mental bond. He is one of the coolest people I know. Once, back in 1988, when I stayed with Jeff and my Aunt Bev and Uncle Bosey in Springfield, we watched Summer School so many times that without even trying, we would both start "na na na'ing" the opening strains to the movie simultaneously! It was so strange! Over and over again like some freaky That's Incredible act we would both do the same thing. Jeff has always been right beside me during all of my awkward phases whether it be comic books, music or our short obsession with Young Guns (sorry Jeff). Of course Jeff is all grown up now but cooler than ever and I admire him so. He is living in Michigan now with his also cool wife Becky and they have their own clothing store called
One Star Clothing. (launching tomorrow I am told)
Little known fact: Jeff was the lead singer in a band called Ghettoblaster, and they were fierce! They even made it into one of my favorite films/guilty pleasures Desperate But Not Serious.

Every once in a while I will make a compilation CD for the Cast of "It's Tough To Be A Bug" to listen to when they are backstage stacking glasses. Aren't I nice? Of course I pepper it with a little bit of texture: a little Magnetic Fields here, a little Faint there. A Cast Member who had just listened to a Rufus Wainwright track stopped to tell me that she just heard that the boy is touring the states again!!! Indeed, I went to the website and many U.S. dates are planned but sadly (and against the rumor she had heard) none in the Sunshine State. But the dates only go through August so hopefully there will be more. Pity if he doesn't too as he is touring with Ben Folds! I could just scream falsetto right now!

Before I drift off to sleep, I am curious if my friend Christy got her piano off Ebay. There is the promise of her rendition of Gary Jules/Tears for Fears Mad World wrapped up in the outcome of it all so I have a vested interest.


crit said...

I DID get the piano!!!!

I got it yesterday from a woman here in Orlando, and have already learned "Mad World".

Can't wait to play it for you!

betamike said...

You are a proginy or prodigy or whatever! That was like, warp speed!