Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Just shuffling about a bit

'Allo love!

Just enjoying my day off, thanks. Hope everyone had their fun last night with fireworks and what-not. Celebrated the New Year....scratch that...the 4th, with some good ol' hot dogs and popped in "National Treasure." Lovely film. It was the only thing I had to watch that was remotely connected to Independence day. Well, I also had the movie "Independence Day" but it always depresses me how they blow up all those cool landmarks. That Jeff Goldblum cracks me up though! Why isn't he in more movies these days?

Took Olive out to the park this morning trying to get a jump on the heat. URRNH!!! Wrong!!! It was at least 92 degrees by 10am. This must be what the center of Ryan Seacrest feels like. I was praying that she would get her kicks quickly and I could take shelter inside. There were seriously hundreds of Black Cat wrappers littered all along the park. I was up until about 1 a.m. last night and the sound of generic fireworks went on until at least 3! That is the one thing I cannot stand about the 4th of July, people who shoot off fireworks three days before and several days after the actual holiday. I also get frustrated with people from three counties away coming down to my nice quiet neighborhood and using the park as their litter can for their roman candle and sparkler refuse. Isn't that what Bithlo is for? Of course I jest. Our great city's parks are for everyone....let's please just use a little common sense and obey city ordinances though, like no fireworks in a residential area. This also goes for the idiot that got a mini bike for Christmas and sneaks down to the park at midnight to do wheelies out there. Please God, a errant tree branch strategically placed...

Oh, I also took a sour pill today...sorry to vent. The rest of the day is going gangbusters. I got the creative urge last night and went to
Vans.com and designed me a new pair of skids which I think are pretty random, but fierce. Converse also has a similar program which is pretty cool. The design to the right is not mine but I did keep the hot pink edging and slip-on shoe style. Mine has camoflauge on the front, hot pink and black squares on the sides and a lemon yellow heel. You'll see me comin'. I was going to choose the famous skull and cross bones pattern but just couldn't bring myself to be that much of a poser. After that, but completely unconnected to designing my own shoes, I went to Zazzle and put image to cloth and created my own shirt with the world's most misunderstood Anarchist/People's Poet/Student/Virgin, Rik from The Young Ones. Mainly because I've always wanted one and there is NOTHING on the internet with him on it. Most of the work is Photoshop which I pieced together from five different images, so I can't take the credit for the great Warholesque image of Rik Mayall but the Thatcher button and wording is all me! Ha! Take that fascists! Sadly, I placed it in the "private" section of Zazzle as I had no idea what I was doing so searches won't bring the item up in case you "ahem" wanted one too. Sorry. But I did manage to snag a pic for you! By the way, if you have no clue who The Young Ones are, you might as well be a Leonard Cohen album...I won't be listening to you. Don't worry, it is Skinny Tie Report worthy and I'll blog it later.



i bought some new vans slip ons limited editions. they are my anti drug. if only i could wear them to work. haha

stephanie said...

i'm making lentils just for you!