Monday, August 22, 2005

Blog Flies

Blog Flies. That's what I call them. Up until yesterday, I was living a spam free lifestyle then all of a sudden, I make one mention of Little Debbie and WHAM! I am inundated by blog spam. I missed out on Blogger's feedback forum by one day or else I would have let them have a piece of my mind. Sadly, It looks as though I may have to turn off anonymous posting for a while until a Blogger administrator can look into it, not that it will do a bit of good. In fact, as I speak I am sure that there are wonderful comments being left from people who loooove my Blog and want me to check out their cool Blogs hocking Vioxx and Restasis (I'm so sad that girl from Northern Exposure can't cry without help). I'm going to leave them for a while because I find them funny. Plus, now that I have just outed them, they will look really stupid leaving their Blog droppings in my comment section. Okay, so they probably aren't really people but I still think it's funny. My favorites so far are ones from a guy who loves my Blog so much that it has inspired him to start his own blog on "Long Island Gaming and Slots" and my second favorite is from a guy who told me "You am a great job. Keep on in doing so." Yes indeed!
By the way, I want to shout out to my gal Leslie Hall and her band Leslie & the LY's who ROCK! Check 'em out on iTunes or see them here. (that's Leslie in the pics above). Anyone who can write and rock out to the glorious Bedazzler is alright with me.

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