Monday, August 22, 2005

Southern Culture On The Skids

I can't help but post a little more southern flava for 'ya! Two really great pieces of southern culture coming your way in the form of film clips, both richly seasoned with the true taste of the south...kinda like a nice plate of chicken gizzards. The first is a clip for The South Will Rise Again which I so hope to God will really be a movie or something...for real. It has hillbillies and zombies and probably the bestest title for one such film if I ever heard one. Gawdamn.

Nextly, I am not sure what to call it but I'll just say it's Dueling Hamjos . Okay, so it uses the tired old "dueling banjos" riff but since you are destined to watch at least 100,000 different parodies of that shit in your lifetime, might as well make it one that gets it right.

Oh, and


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