Thursday, September 08, 2005


I'm a kid all over again on MySpace. That's how it feels anyway. Yes, I'm on MySpace now like everyone else that breathes but I've noticed that some of the people on there are crazy. I mean CRAZY. That's crazy in a good way of course and I've taken no time at all to try and associate with as many of them as I can! My friend Mike told me about MySpace when we were road tripping out to Coachella and he caught my attention when he told me that a lot of really cool unsigned and up and coming artists were promoting some really good music on the site. Indeed MySpace is chock full of artists worth a listen to. My fav's so far are Flashlight Party, Ex-Boyfriends, DraculaZombieUSA, Skeletonbreath and That's The Name of Our Robot....but the possibilities are endless. There are a several really big bands and a few celebrities on there that keep their page up to date and will even write you back.
One of the things that hinders my enjoyment of MySpace is it's sense of internet circa the early's a messy, flashy disjointed mess. People's pages scream with animated gif images and streaming video at you even if you don't ask for it. WHAM! How about a little Limp Bizkit for ya! Thought you were safe from hearing Fred Durst ever again right? I do enjoy seeing what kind of persona others are trying on for the moment on MySpace and just like AOL in the early Nineties (or even now) most of them are just blowing smoke from their candy cigarettes up your dress.

I have found a great joy this week in the Haribo brand Gold-Bears. I was at Walgreens trying to scan in some images that I had no digital versions of (okay so how primitive and embarrassing is that?) and I saw them on sale for a buck so I bought a bag. I'm here to say that there is a difference. They are smaller than your normal run-of-the-mill gummi and a little more....firm? ...harder?....chewier? I'm not sure but they are better.
On the Walgreens tip, I love going in there. I'm not saying that I look forward to making some pointless trip to one but when I do find myself venturing in, it's always an adventure. A Walgreens always has that certain smell when you walk in. Kind of like "Hurry up and get the hell OUT!" I'm not sure what it is but I love checking out their toys and other tchotchkies. They have the most ghetto toys in the world! Also, I found all these bizarre and random DVD's which feature everything from old Betty Boop cartoons to Steven Segal movies to Bruce Lee movies for a buck!!! I had no use for them so I didn't buy them but I was tempted!
Might I also add (and risk the sound of being superior) that I love to people watch in Walgreens? I'm sometimes trying to pick out people who like me are just there to dip their toe in the waters of adventure and those who are there because they truly know no better distributor of As Seen on TV products and hair removal systems.

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TripAway2Day said...

Walgreens never fails to be one of the most surreal and pleasant experiences.

I cherish my annual trek to Walgreens to see what Halloween oddities they are carrying.

I remember stumbling drunk after Firestone into the Walgreens on Colonial (near Bumby) and there was this vision of Tammy Wynette working the register nightly. I mean, I'd stand by this woman and be jumping up and down in my head, because well she was mesmerizing!

betamike...I'm really surprised that so many of the things that tickle your fancy seem to tickle mine, as well.

You're a cool little shit.

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