Sunday, September 11, 2005

Vicki Bits

Does anyone remember the horribly wonderful show Small Wonder? It's no small wonder that people have all but forgotten all about Vicki the robotic girl with no emotion. There are no Legacy Edition DVD's, no syndication...PAX wouldn't even touch this! But in it's day, it was amazing! I think that next to The Charmings and Jennifer Slept here, Small Wonder was one of my favorite second banana shows. It actually lasted for four seasons, you could please anyone in the Eighties! I can't exactly remember why Ted Lawson (that's the dad) felt the need to create that pain in the ass Vicki but the premise for each episode was so awful because the only plotline they had was trying to keep Vicki's identity as a robot a secret. Boy, that didn't stop that meddling neighbor girl Harriet from stirring up shit. I hated Harriet.
What jarred my little Small Wonder trip down memory lane was this genius cartoon from the equally genius Square Lake comic strip (now defunct sadly) which you can find, and enjoy here.


TripAway2Day said...

Holy crap! I thought I was the only one who liked and/or remembers "The Charmings".

I had a VIP TOur once with this guy that used to write for 'Blossom' and I told him how I thought there should be another version of a show like "The Charmings".

We brainstormed and came up with the concept of a family that travels the country with the circus, and each character is something different from SideShow freak to Circus Clown to Human Cannonball.

The conflict came in when a group of mean Hobo Clowns would try to sabotage each and every circus performance, ala Roadrunner vs. Coyote.

We thought it sounded fun.

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crit said...

I LOVED this show! It was up there with "Out Of This World".


Shirley Booth said...

I had a prgram on television once, and we didn't need robots.

We had talent, we could act. Like that time on Hazel, when Hazel begins warming George up to the idea of a raise but this year, he absolutely refuses, leaving Hazel furious.

Later, when Hazel falls and hurts herself, she decides to draw up a will, but George thinks she's planning a lawsuit against him.

That is television.


langel said...

Small Wonder rocked. I totally forgot about the neighbor girl - she was in 'Troop Beverly Hills'...

betamike said...

Yes and don't forget Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis from Troop Beverly Hills also!

James G said...

Jenny Lewis was also in that Fred Savage Nintendo movie "The Wizard". Gosh I loved that movie!

Anonymous said...

Not only did I ALSO think I was the only one who remembered The Charmings, but how about the tragic friend on Small Wonder who had the crush on Vickie, I believe he called her his Honeybun. So sad. Not that he loved her, but that he believed she was a real person! I heard (on I Love the 80's) that Candace Cameron tried (or was offered) out for the role of Vickie! Smart move Candace, smart move!