Monday, September 12, 2005

Dr. Emily Kimberly Saves the Day!

Today was by far the busiest that I have had in a long while, but just at the end of it when I was finally organized, Blackberried and exhausted, I pop on over to Turner Classic Movies to find a refreshing dose of Dr. Emily Kimberly and Christopher Cross to help calm my nerves. The Haagen Dazs and leg warmers were happenin' at my pad.
By the way Lindy, can I just say that I'm a little frustrated at not getting the hang of the new gadget right away?

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GreenLitLindy said...

Uh Tie Man...don't even get me started.

We are pro's at crap like that and I've never felt more like a mongoloid dork in my whole life!

How has this world become so Blackberry savvy!?!?

I have thousands upon thousands of 'have you figured out's' yet...although I did say that I finally found the way to add the Talk Group...and actually called Parade today with it as my radio.


Let's jab about it brother! Have a sassy Sunday and eat some Haagan-Daz for me!

I'll see you 'Monday/Friday'!

All things Zufethum.

Zufethum: "When you can't beat the Blackberry Generation...zufethum!"