Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fashion Lights

Of all my moments of genius, this is not one of them. You see, I have been harboring a thought. This is more like one of those nagging little thoughts that if anyone found out about, would probably change the way they think about me. Like, "Betamike ... you so crazy!" But still, it needs to come out, so I'll be damned if I'm going keep it bottled up.
Driving through Orlando recently I have noticed the enormous amount of signs that are out, on the fritz, whatever. These are your typical business signs, neon ones. Like Target for example, except when you see it illuminated, it just says "get." It's not that I expect total world order or anything but I would like to think that these businesses care enough to fix their signs. But sadly no, the same repeat offenders keep blinking out day after day, month after month.
So here's where the crazy thought comes in. Again, I don't expect this to happen, it's just they way I would like to see it. Imagine if every business's sign was hooked up electronically to some sort of database, like 411 or the Yellow Pages, but if said local business had their sign go out, it would automatically update to list them according to how the malfunctioning sign would read. This would ultimately cause them a loss of revenue because they couldn't be found in the directory. For instance (one of the biggest repeat offenders I've found), David's Bridal over by the Millenia area. For months their sign has been jacked up and only says "Vid's Bridal." Okay, under this concept you would have to search for "Vid's Bridal" if they were to be found. It would insure that most of these businesses take better care of their outward presence and not make our town look like Branson in the off season.
Alright, I know there are bigger fish to fry out there but ... Awww, screw it! Thanks for reading anyway.

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GreenLitLindy said...

Oh, oh David!

Okay...we can't be lovers. But this is proof. PROOF that we are meant to be best friends!

I had the same plight here in College Park...when I just had an UNDYING urge to call the Regional *Fuck the Store Manager, they change daily* Manager and say..."How are you 'okay' with your faded Blockbuster awning for the past three years? How are you just 'okayyyyy?' What are you doing to fix it?!?" It just floors me, too.

And...don't even get me started on the 411 Traffic Dot Matrix Board that is supposed to give VALUABLE traffic information at the CRUCIAL John Young Park Way exit a little matrix rehab. The only...and I mean only portion that reads funny is the 'time' portion that reveals how many minutes the wait is.

For those of you who don't pass this JYParkway area, this is what we see:


All things Zokwg:

The little bar that allows the matrix tab to 'flip' causing illumination by the dot for complete letter imaging on the road signage.

"The JYP Dot Matrix signs has several zokwigs that are out and need replacing."