Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gorillaz In Da Mist

Are you ready for something kick ass? How about this clip of The Gorillaz performing live on the 2005 Mtv Europe Music awards in the flesh...sort of. Well, at least very realistically in 3D! Not that (ahem) they aren't real or anything. I got to thinking though that there's something not quite right about them. They seem vaguely Gollum-ish and I'm not sure I like it, very scary precioussss.
If you are prone to hating people who reveal surprise endings in movies or can't stand people who insist on opening their presents days before Christmas, then this article on the afore-mentioned Gorillaz performance and how they did it might not be for you. Interestingly, for those of you who can't wait, it was accomplished using a surprisingly low tech Victorian era technique but still probably cost about a bajillion dollars.
Oh, Hey! In the article above when they tell you how the Gorillaz were made to seem real by the utilization of the Pepper's Ghost illusion, you should check out the nifty which of course where one would find THE classic example of this technique. Oh, did I just spill the beans? Damn, don't you hate those kinds of people?

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