Thursday, November 10, 2005

How Do I Miss Shit Like This? But Still...

Sometimes genius escapes me only to catch up to me later. Such is the case of We Are Scientists recent visit to merry ol' Central Easy Bake Oven and their performance at The Social.
Observant and perpetually cool Steph of course was there to catch the group and I was destined to lick up the remnants as is usually the case in situations like these. She is always tuned in and I am constantly distracted by
the wind whistling through my vacant head.
So my point in writing this thing is to demonstrate how sharp and pop-tastic this group seem to be. Chris (one of the guys in the band) likes to write short bios on places they visit, the local cultural oddities, when they pop in and out of the various cities. While here, Chris and the guys visit Gatorland and write a pretty spot-on and hilarious review and tell us something we have always known, Gatorland is as cool as hell.
Here it is. Gatorland - Alligator Capital of the World!!!!!

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